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Our Book Club

Our book club provides members with benefits and invitation to special events, as well as a newsletter.  Whenever a new book is published, Book Club members (including YOUR NAME) will be listed in the book!


Friday evening, August 12:  A lobsterbake on Peaks Island, Portland Maine.   $70/person. Send me an email if you'd like to join us.

Friday evening, August 19:   Barry will give a preview of his new book, "Operation: Rainmaker" followed by a planetarium show.  Southworth Planetarium, USM, Portland.  No charge, but reservations required.

Coming in October:  A dinner at the Fontaineblue Hotel in Miami Beach


Members gathered in Salem MA to enjoy a day of festivities last year for the annual Haunted Happenings event.  I was able to book an appointment with a Medium at OMEN and she was incredible!  I don't know how they do it. If you would like her contact information let me know, she was really gifted.  I am a descendant of Abigail Somes and prior to joining  the group in Salem I visited her grave in Gloucester.  She was accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials but was acquitted. Kind of spooky standing in front of her gravestone!

The Book Club was formed for people who enjoy the finer things in life.  The modest membership fee of $25 includes a ten dollar credit toward a signed book or merchandise purchase and your name listed in my next book as a member of the club.  Membership is good for ten months.

Join the Book Club now!

Dedicated toward the endless pursuit of the good life.  Go to the "STORE" page to fill out a membership application!