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"Beware of the Banker" is also available online from Amazon Books.  A Kindle version is also available from Amazon.

My books can also be purchased from all SHERMAN's bookstores in Maine!

Pint glass from the Leaping Fish Tavern

A great collector's item.  A pint beer glass from the Old Port's  Leaping Fish Tavern, featured in "Beware of the Banker"

Leaping Fish Tavern bar glass

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"Operation: Rainmaker"  

It's the book the fossil fuel industry does NOT want you to read!​

$25 for a signed and numbered copy (only the first 100 copies will be numbered).  Order yours today!

Operation:  RainMaker

Signed and numbered copy

It's an isotope found on the moon.  The U.S. Government knows about it. The fossil fuel industry knows about it.  But they do NOT want you to know about it.  This book exposes the truth about  the "Holy Grail" of energy that can put an end to all of our energy problems and dependence on fossil fuel! 

Read "Operation: Rainmaker!"