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Book Review​​​   "Beware of the Banker"

By Anne-Marie Reynolds, ..... from "Reader's Favorite" ...... Rating: Four Stars ....... "Beware of the Banker" by Barry Somes is a crime fiction story inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. Set in Portland Maine, the story follows a bank branch manager named Tony. With a casino addiction, Tony is deeply in debt and spends his days trying to work out how to successfully embezzle from the bank he works in. Seeking the help of an accomplice or two, he convinces a young couple to help him. "Clyde" has already served time for robbery and is willing to help Tony and "Bonnie" had already dreamed of becoming a modern day Bonnie, this is her dream come true. Their crime spree brings them to the attention of FBI Special Agent C.T. , an agent who stakes his career on catching them. With much hilarity, the chase is on but who will win. "Beware of the Banker" by Barry Somes is a crime story with plenty of humor. It starts with a bit of background on the main characters, setting the scene for what is to come. The pace is steady throughout the story and the characters are developed well. The story is something a tad different and there is plenty of action with a little violence toward the end, What is evident is the level of detail, not surprising given the author worked in a bank. His experience and knowledge shine through, lending the story a more realistic feel. It's a story that will keep you reading and it looks like a sequel is coming!

From a reader of     Operation: Rainmaker

     "It was a great book.  I really enjoyed it and didn't like to set it down.  The ending was quite a surprise!  Wow, what a tale you wove.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!"                                                                                                                 -Dick Doyon