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              The Tony-Award winning smash hit HAMILTON is coming to Boston!   We believe in celebrating the good life and invite you to join us!   Sunday 1 pm matinee, Opera House, Boston, March 5.  We have orchestra seats available to you at cost, for ticket and Ticketmaster fee, $190/person or you can purchase your own ticket and meet us there!  For people in southern Maine, you can ride down with us on AMTRAK.  The show will sell out soon so don't delay in booking.  If you purchase the ticket through us, it will be mailed to you in about two weeks.  Note:  only two tickets left!


     Go to the Contact page and ask to be added to my mailing list.  Best way to keep up with all that's going on - what I'm working on now and special events open to the public.          

At a recent book signing

Paperback copy only, "Operation: RainMaker"

"Beware of the Banker"              "The  Secrets of Portland, Maine"

As  seen on  an NBC affiliate

As seen on a CBS affiliate 

As seen on a FOX affiliate

As seen on  a television interview on the Derry Rundlett Show!‚Äč

As heard on a radio interview with Ray Richardson!

"Beware of the Banker" was recently among 50 fiction books highlighted in Publisher's Weekly, which goes to 23,000 book stores, libraries, agents, publishers and movie producers.

Just published!

"The Secrets of Portland, Maine"  A book of facts, trivia, and history of the city of Portland.  For example, did you know there is a cemetery in Portland you can rent for weddings?  $750 for 3 hours.  Did you know Portland has a connection to John Wilkes Booth?  Thousands of cars pass through Morrill's Corner every day, but did anyone ever wonder who Morrill was?

What's the most haunted building in Portland?   A listing of Portland's award winning restaurants and chefs.   You can order a copy now by going to the "Store" page...

     Written by Barry Somes, a life-long resident of the Portland area.  He operated a tour guide service offering narrated tours of Portland.  The book is based on his guide training manual. is a division of the SWAN TRAVEL NETWORK LLC.   Swan Travel owns the copyright to "Beware of the Banker" and "Operation: Rainmaker" and earns income not only from book sales but also from author speaking fees, merchandise sold and sales of vacation tour packages and cruise vacations. The company is privately held and has a value estimated at $145.000.                                            SWAN = (Sleep Well At Night).